Active Directory

Active Directory is widely used across the globe, enjoying a 95 percent market share among Fortune 500 companies. Everyone from large corporations to small companies including the banking sector, hospitals, and government offices use Microsoft’s products for daily operations. So it makes perfect sense that Active Directory would remain the tool of choice for all. With such a wide presence, AD outages cause a serious business impact. For every organization, AD is mission-critical to the business, and 84 percent said that an AD outage would be significant, severe, or catastrophic.

Business Challenges

  • Security threat: Unmanaged AD has a higher chance of getting hacked.
  • More manual efforts: Unmanaged AD needs more man power for administration.
  • Business impact: It may lead to severe impact if AD failed due to lack of maintenance.

Solution Overview

Assesment of the existing AD platform helps to understand pain areas. AD management by experts helps to overcome many concerns like latency, unavailability of AD components, security threats and so on. Planned AD management ensures high availability & a more productive environment. A major concern nowadays is IT security, which we can address and resolve at the user level with approved Group Policy.

Key Business Benefits

High Availability

Secured Environment

Advanced Auditing


Neat & clean AD platform

Well structured hierarchy

Approved & tested Group Policy

Cleaned Meta Data