Benchmarking Best
Practices Assessment

A 5 to 10 days exercise with relevant stakeholders to assess and benchmark service management quality

Business Challenges

  • Are your customer frustrated due to unpredictable IT services?
  • Are there service delivery teammates who love last minute solutions and are always on constant fire fighting mode?
  • Are you always scared when you roll out a new change or new service as you are unsure of how it would behave?
  • Do you have higher than industry level churnout of skilled people from service delivery teams?
  • Have you undertaken assessment and baselining activity in the last 18 months or more?

Solution Overview

  • Benchmarking and assessment service follows guidance based on best practices such as ITSM
  • It undertakes a study of existing systems, practices, process and behaviours
  • It baselines an organisation's readiness to adapt and adopt desired changes / improvements
  • It provides a key insight into the current baseline of various process, identifies gaps and provides guidance for alignment with the best practice

Key Business Benefits

What you do not monitor, you do not measure

What you do not measure, cannot be improved. So it provides you with a clear understanding of your standing against the best practices

It provides you with a clear roadmap to achieve your targeted state of maturity



To assess and benchmark service management quality


5 to 10 days of data review, document review, multiple stakeholder interviews and final reporting

Target Audience

Service owners, CiO, CxO, service design and delivery leadership