Capacity Optimization

Capacity optimization solution that aligns IT resources with business service demands, optimizing resource usage and reducing costs.

Business Challenges

As organizations adopt new technologies and cloud services that help them deliver digital services faster and more reliably, planning and managing IT infrastructure resource usage and costs becomes more complex. IT resources are now both capital and operational expenses putting more pressure on IT organizations to optimize the use of existing resources and buy new resources only when needed.

Solution Overview

Capacity Optimization provides visibility into the entire IT infrastructure— physical, virtual, containers and cloud—so IT can easily add, remove, or adjust compute, storage, network, and other IT infrastructure resources to meet changing application and service demands. Service views, forecasting, modeling, and simulated migration capabilities provide the insight for future resource needs and the ability to control the timing and cost of new capital and operating expenditures. Self-service dashboards and reports keep project owners, business owners and other stakeholders informed

Key Business Benefits

Provides insights in to infrastructure resource utilization

Helps to reclaim unused resources

Predict need of IT resources based on usage history

Gain visibility across the enterprise, including physical, virtual, cotainers and cloud infrastructure resources

Ability to forecast, model and adjust IT resources to meet changing business demands


Service Views

Business-Aware Analytics

Simulate migrations to public cloud

Understand the health of the infrastructure for a business service, averting service failures and slow-downs

Deploy applications on time by reserving IT resources for new applications and services when needed

Scale up or down with the ability to forecast, model, and adjust IT resources to meet changing service demands