Service Excellence
Workshop Training

A 1 or 2 day exercise with relevant stakeholders to identify the targeted issues with service delivery skills of team members. They can be in the various areas such as attitude, team work, behavior , culture, process workflow etc

Business Challenges

  • Are your customer satisfaction ratings going downhill?
  • Are your customers unhappy about the service desk support or quality of services?
  • Are you confidant that your frontline teams follow all process steps and guidelines meticulously?
  • Do you always get the answers or the root cause of major incidents and critical problems faced by customers?
  • Is your service support team happy about what they do and have genuine interest in the customers?

Solution Overview

  • Service Excellence Workshop focuses on two or three issues faced by delivery teams
  • It encourages all the participants to ideate and arrive at the real underlying problems with respect to those issues
  • Then it allows them to arrive at certain solutions of their choice which will allow them to improve in the shortest time possible
  • It gives them certain takeaways which can be formed as habits to ensure sustenance of the new initiatives

Key Business Benefits

Inspired service delivery teams

Predictable IT service

Enhanced customer perception and satisfaction



To build service attitude and service culture in frontline professionals


1 or 2 day interactive workshop with role plays

Target Audience

Frontline professionals L1/L2 teams and Team leads