Flexible Application
Performance Management

Applications are becoming difficult to manage as they move toward highly distributed, multi-tier, multi-element constructs using various technologies/frameworks.

Business Challenges

  • Need to provide end users with high-quality experiences
  • Need to gain more visibility
  • Realtime monitoring of service level compliance
  • Proactive approach to business service availability

Solution Overview

When your application or website is slow, it has a direct detrimental impact on business productivity, profits and even the brand itself. Whenever the application is slow or there is an error, everyone is keen to know the reason. We make sure your business does not suffer because of this. Some of the features of APMs are enduser monitoring, analyzing business transaction flow, code level deep dive, analytics, infrastructure availability, network performance and business KPIs.

Key Business Benefits

Improve End User Experience

Improve Business Continuity

High Productivity

Provide Better Visibility

Proactive Approach


Code Level Visibility

Proactive Alerting

End-User Monitoring

Server Visibility

Synthetic Monitoring

Database Monitoring

Dynamic Baseline

Troubleshoot Performance Issues

Monitor Business KPIs