Automation solution enabled to drive greater compliance, security, and reliability through policy-based application of operational, security, and regulatory guidelines across servers, applications, databases and network devices

Business Challenges

  • Mission-critical applications depend on healthy IT environments to keep business services up and running . If IT takes too long to patch, provision, configure, update, or
  • maintain infrastructure compliance, the organization can risk prolonged exposure to security vulnerabilities, face costly fines for non-compliance, and experience adverse
  • performance and availability impacts. With the complexity of heterogeneous physical, virtual, and cloud environments, IT staff struggle just to meet SLAs for uptime
  • and stability. Manual efforts are labor- intensive, error-prone, and do not scale well.

Solution Overview

  • Automation solution is based on policy-based approach for managing IT Infrastrucure located on-premise or in the cloud with greater speed, security, quality, and consistency.
  • Intelligence, advanced analytics, and automation increase efficiency and allow IT staff to focus their efforts on innovation and strategic projects instead of maintenance.
  • With this Automation solution, IT can automate vulnerability management, patching, compliance with regulations and operational policies, configuration management, and service provisioning.
  • It enables organizations to boost productiviy, increase their server to admin ratio, strengthen security, be “always audit ready”, and quickly respond to increasing business demands.

Key Business Benefits

Automate remediation for identified vulnerabilities

Optimize resource and time by automating mundane tasks

Audit ready on a continuous basis

Enforce and reprot of compliance & Standards across infrastructure

Enhance quality of service


Vulnerability Management

Configuration Automation

Patch Management

Compliance and Risk Mitigation

Auto Remediation of reported non-compliance

Integration with Change management