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The value of your data continues to grow, making the protection of your data more important than ever. This new reality means companies need all inclusive data protection solutions that maximize storage efficiency, data security, and performance. It’s time to get one step ahead and leave the reactive approach and adopt a solution that will not only perform conventional tasks like data protection, anti corruption and anti theft, but will also work towards cost reduction, simplified administration, streamlining compliance and unlocking more value from data assets.

Business Challenges

  • Backup & recovery speed: Lengthy Backup & Recovery windows can impact business operations
  • High storage space requirement: Increases hardware as well as maintenance cost
  • Too much manual work: Needs dedicated resources

Solution Overview

  • If it takes hours to retrieve lost data after an accidental deletion, it leads to direct loss of money as well as customers' faith.
  • Major study shows conventional backup solutions have failed when faster data restoration was required. With our solution, we can easily achieve Data integrity, High availability & Faster recovery.
  • Data protection/security is the key area which can directly impact businesses. With growing ransomware attacks and other security threats, we need to be very cautious and well prepared to tackle such situations and avoid business impact.
  • Our solution ensures your Data is always handy with you even when hacking attacks result in systems going offline. Our advanced technology helps to save on costs and achieve increased operating power. There is maximum utilization of disk space with advanced features like Deduplication, Compression etc.
  • With most operational activities taken care of through inbuilt automation, the workforce to manage backup & recovery operations can come down to less than 50% as compared to a conventional setup.

Key Business Benefits

Data integrity

Cost reduction

Customer/User satisfaction




Simplified administration

Speedy data backup and recovery

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