BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management

The BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management solution offers an operational model for the lifecycle of cloud services and the utilisation of public clouds in a hybrid model. The resources in the environment go through a defined and appropriately automated lifecycle which provides a seamless and predictable cloud for both IT and the business.

With business innovation accelerating, there is a need for new business imperative to compete in the market. To meet the new challenges and effectively leverage opportunities to compete and win, it is important that organisations increase worker productivity, operational efficiency, and corporate agility.

Cloud computing is seen as the next step to controlling data centre resources and lowering total cost of ownership. Cloud computing leverages virtualisation and abstraction to provide economic benefits and greater agility and speed for users. It is set to change the way data centre resources are deployed, configured, and managed for years to come.

To maintain relevancy today, IT organisations need to provide faster customised services across multiple platforms while protecting the business from increasing risk.

BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management

BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management is a solution that automates the rapid provisioning of multi tier IT services, defines and manages the complete lifecycle of resources used by and provisioned into a cloud. It includes a customer portal so customers can virtually manage their cloud resources.

BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management quickens innovation and continuous delivery of digital services. It coordinates, controls, and secures application and infrastructure services, managing the dynamic cloud environment, with integrations to essential IT management processes to manage risk and reduce cost. One key function of cloud computing, besides virtualization, is offering an operational structure that is scalable, delivers consistent service, and takes care of business needs and the technology team needs.

BMC adds the traditional IT management benefits like operational excellence, automation, and service delivery models, to the dynamic potential of cloud architectures, both private and public. It also builds the foundation for a strong, flexible, and valuable cloud infrastructure that supports IT operations and delivers exceptional service quality.


  • Self-service portal

    With BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management, users can request configurable services across infrastructure, platforms, and applications without intervention from IT. A single service catalogue can be provided for all IT service requests.

  • Full-stack service provisioning

    The BMC solutions’s sophisticated blueprint technology automates the ongoing management, provisioning and de-provisioning of a full business service and supports application container technologies to support agile development and deployment.

  • Automated ITSM governance

    The solution’s built-in integration to change management processes and updates to the configuration management database (CMDB) ensure ITSM governance across the full lifecycle of the cloud service.

  • Continuous compliance

    Policies for regulatory and security compliance requirements can be automatically applied to the service at time of provisioning, and the solution performs ongoing automation of patching, configuration management, and remediation.

  • Platform neutrality

    The BMC solution can deliver services across any platform according to targeted workload requirements. It also supports a extensive range of infrastructures and public clouds to help maintain flexibility and avoid vendor lock-in.

  • Service health management

    The solution allows for easy monitoring of service health through an intuitive dashboard, auto-scaling resources up or down according to pre-defined service requirements, and minimising disruption in services with proactive, actionable failure notifications and recommended remediation steps.

In conclusion, the scope of a cloud environment is likely to change over time and the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management solution can address the heterogeneous needs of advanced cloud implementations. With the BMC cloud lifecycle management solution in place, IT can achieve the essential goals of a cloud environment which are agility, minimising costs, and using resources optimally, whether they are human beings, servers, or capital.