Customer Experience
Management Provider

This is the process that companies use to oversee and track all interactions with a customer during their relationship. This information is sourced either from internal systems or from social networks. This represents the discipline, methodology and/or process used to comprehensively manage a customer's cross-channel exposure, interaction and transaction with a company, product, brand or service.

Business Challenges

  • Complex technology ecosystem makes it difficult to build good customer experience
  • Organizations still separate groups like Billing, Marketing, Call Centers, Sales accounts, etc, which communicate with customer in silos
  • Customers nowadays expect consistent experience on different platforms

Solution Overview

Today, customers expect authentic, personalized interaction with brands – on their preferred channel – whether it is on social media platforms like Facebook, email, or even the phone.

Key Business Benefits

Unifies customer data and enables large companies to create competitive customer experience

Analyze social listening - the volume, context and sentiments of online conversations

Allow organisations to


Leverage the ability to collaborate across teams and channels with a unified view of the customer, context and content to create better experiences for your customers.

Manage your owned channels to get the best content to the right audience on time

Personalize your advertising across paid digital channels to know exactly where to spend your money – and get the best ROI

Listen to and learn from market, customer, and competitive insights – and take action in real-time

Increase customer satisfaction and retention, and reduce support costs by cutting resolution time in half – across all your digital channels

Manage social media across the 35 channels your customers use most – be social at scale