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Consolidation and Relocation Services can reduce risk by managing complexity, costs and schedule. Reduce CapEx by increasing the use of existing hardware. It provides simplified management of infrastructure at scale and enhances operational efficiency to better serve large infrastructures. Consolidation involves more than transferring applications and data from one set of servers to another. It takes a lot of effort and planning to achive this without business impact.

Business Challenges

  • Bigger Data Center Footprint
  • Higher Operating Cost
  • Complex Infrastructure

Solution Overview

It is always better to have compact but efficient infrastructure which is easy to handle and more secured. We can plan Data Center Migration to manage our infrastructure within a single location to save on Capital investment as well as Operating cost. The same applies to Consolidation. Migration/Consolidation helps the IT environment become more efficient by combining servers orreplacing legacy servers with virtual systems like the cloud.

Key Business Benefits

Smaller Data Center Footprints

Reduction in Operating Cost

Reduction in Capital Investment


Simpler centralized management

Less efforts to maintain Hardware & Licence Inventory

Reduction in server sprawl

More secured and controlled infrastructure