Design Thinking
Workshop Training

A 2 or 3 day exercise with relevant stakeholders to identify the possible solutions and paper prototype solutions to complex problems. The problems can be in the areas of people, process, governance, best practices, tools, large programs, etc.

Business Challenges

  • What are the possible ways to execute a complex multi year program?
  • How do I meet my current IT requirements and plan for the coming years to meet business requirements?
  • How do I enhance my customer satisfaction in a short time - what activities can I undertake in the next three to six months?
  • How do I ensure my IT team understands and adopts the IT service culture and attitude?
  • How can I provide a clear value contribution of IT services to current and future business objectives?

Solution Overview

  • Design Thinking Workshops are uniquely positioned to provide possible solutions and pathways to complex problems
  • Through active participation of all stakeholders, it will capture for given objectives a clear stakeholder map, various interactions between them, possible challenges and various solutions
  • This allows you to build various prototypes which can be downselected through iterative evaluations
  • The prototypes can be tested via implementing in a fail safe, fail forward and fail fast way to select the final approach/ solution

Key Business Benefits

Clear stakeholder map
and interactions

Possible solution and pathways to achieve them

Prototype solutions which are ready for evaluations as possible solution candidates



Creative solutions to complex problems


2/3 day interactive workshop with multigroup breakouts sessions

Target Audience

Problem owner, solution owners, CxO, leader and semi leadership