Robotic Automation
Service Management

Next-generation service management enabled by digital automation, AI, and machine learning that drive new levels of agility, productivity and efficiency

Business Challenges

  • Paper based request and approval process
  • Manual execution of repetitive tasks which leads to decrese in productivity and efficiency
  • Lack of self-service capabilities
  • Discrete systems for various requests

Solution Overview

The future of service delivery is one where enterprises make full use of intelligent systems to achieve new levels of agility, productivity and efficiency. By embedding cognitive capabilities into existing service management processes, you can transform the way your agents deliver services.

  • Agile: Complete tasks faster, improving productivity and agility across service delivery experiences
  • Efficient: Enhance the level of service and improve SLAs with reductions in cycle time
  • Scalable: Scale by automating repetitive and mundane tasks, freeing expensive resources for innovative and people-focused work

Key Business Benefits

Intelligence in your servicedesk operations by using cognitive capabilities

All digital services on unified platform with access from web and mobile

Self-service efficiencies and work load reduction with the help of chatbots and knowledge based features

Standardized and automated service catalogue

Better service and customer experience


Intelligent omni-channel experience

Dynamic workflows

Automate recurring requests / tasks

Transform user and agent experience

Immediate access to leverage AI and machine learning capabilities

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