Servicenow Discovery
Solutions Provider

Solution provides visibility into hardware, software and service dependencies across environments

Business Challenges

  • Mapping of ever changing complex IT Infrastructure to the business services
  • Knowing what is changed and when it is changed
  • No visibility to end of life assets / applications
  • On-premise to cloud migrations
  • No single trusted source

Solution Overview

Discovery solutions automate asset discovery and dependency mapping to gain better visibility into management of hardware, software and services in multi-cloud and on-premises environments. It provides the trusted foundation for building application maps that enable digital transformation to be more aware, secure and cost-transparent.

Key Business Benefits

Know your assets and configuration

Provides information to perform impact analysis

Identify unused assets

Makes software and other auditing efforts more efficient and cost effective

Improved understanding of data center assets and dependencies with services for faster resolution of problems


Know end of life and end of support assets/applications

Single pane of glass to provide information on complete IT Infrastructure and Dependencies

Integration with Enterprise CMDB


Supports on-prem and multi-cloud environments