Software Asset
Management Company

The ITAM solution will provide visibility of all IT assets with their status in the organization and a single repository for configuration information which will help you to track the assets and compliance in all phases of its lifecycle from procurement to retirement

Business Challenges

  • Asset tracking
  • Timely contract renewals
  • Timely asset refresh
  • Increasing software audits from OEMs
  • Software redeployment
  • ELA renewals for optimally used licenses count
  • Software entitlement management
  • Contract negotiations

Solution Overview

  • A comprehensive asset configuration and asset life-cycle solution that starts with the initial procurement and drives through to the retirement of the asset / software having processes and controls at each stage.
  • IT Asset Management software is designed to maintain an inventory of all the hardware and software within an organization to aid decision-making regarding hardware and software purchases and redistribution.
  • The ITAM Solution helps with monitoring assets throughout their entire lifecycle. Requests to purchase assets are handled through approval workflows. The software handles acquisition details such as entitlement, chargebacks and provisioning. Post-deployment, all maintenance activity is recorded and audits are performed until assets are retired from service.

Key Business Benefits

License compliance and usage monitoring will help to optimize usage and avoid penalties

Centralized repository for all IT asset contracts with proactive notifications

Accountability & single source of truth for all CI information

Audit and tracking of asset data

Asset tracking throughout the lifecycle including move, add, change and delete (MACD) activities


Purchase requisition and purchase order process

Approval workflow

Hardware & software asset inventory management

Near to real-time software license compliance

Intuitive reports and dashboards

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