Process Excellence
Workshop Training

A 1 or 2 day exercise with relevant stakeholders to educate them about the essence of a process or group of processes ( Limited to 3 processes ) not more than three at a time

Business Challenges

  • Is your team failing to meet the basic requirements of the process?
  • Does the team find following the process too cumbersome and then start looking to escape important steps?
  • Are you confident that your frontline teams follow all process steps and guidelines meticulously?
  • Are the team members aware of what they will gain if they follow certain processes?
  • Are you getting a lot of compliance and adherence audit objections from internal and external auditors or customers?

Solution Overview

  • Process excellence workshop focuses on two or three processes logically grouped together which have interdependency
  • It encourages all the participants to ideate and arrive at underlying issues due to which process adherence fails
  • Then it allows them to arrive at certain solutions of their choice which will allow them to improve process adherence
  • This also provides them with a daily checklist and to-do list to help them do it every day

Key Business Benefits

Enhanced process workflow understanding and importance of adherence

Reduced compliance and adherence related audit objections

Availability of critical information due to enhanced process adherence



To enhance and appreciate contribution of process in service delivery


1 or 2 day interactive workshop with gamification

Target Audience

Service delivery professionals