Strategy Roadmap
Solutions Provider

A 2 or 3 day exercise with relevant stakeholders to identify the vision,
requirements, actions, priorities and roadmap in
a highly exciting interactive and participatory workshop with gamification.

Business Challenges

  • What best practices should I follow to be the best in class as per industry norms?
  • Where should I invest and focus on improvements in IT so I can deliver my business objectives in the next 1-3-5 year?
  • What skills, tools, process and governance would I require to achieve my objectives?
  • How would I execute a large scale program ensuring all critical aspects are considered?

Solution Overview

  • Vision and Strategy workshops are uniquely positioned to provide key insights to relevant stakeholders in terms of their long term and short term vision for the organisation
  • The workshop will capture through active participation of all stakeholders - the requirements for given objectives, the possible challenges to meet those requirements and the possible solutions.
  • Once the solutions are identified at a high level, they can be categorized into various themes such as people, process, governance and compliance tools. Identification of priority and timeline will bring in a clear, precise and agreed roadmap between stakeholders which will set the course and direction for the coming years.

Key Business Benefits

Articulated business objectives and captured vision for a given period, program or for an IT division

Articulated high level requirements, priorities, timeline and possible solutions to meet those requirements

Roadmap for -
1) IT improvements
2) People and skills required
3) Governance and compliance directions
4) Best practices to be followed



To prepare and/or validate a roadmap for the next 1 to 3 years


1 or 2 days interactive workshop with multigroup breakouts sessions

Target Audience

CxO, BU heads, IT heads and Managers